Protect Your Investment

Protect Your Investment And Maximize Its Value?

There's no doubt, your home is a substantial investment. So it makes sense to protect it to maximize its value. One way to do this is with regular maintenance. While many homeowners keep their homes spotless on the inside, they may not be aware of what needs to be done to the exterior or "structural" areas of their home. Here's a quick checklist of items you should inspect and maintain every six months.

  • Your Roof. Climb up and look for damage. Flat roofs frequently show soft spots, or areas where there may be ponding - signs of potential leaks. Pitched roofs should be inspected for roof tiles and seams. If you see a crack or problem, fix it immediately.
  • Your Mechanical System. Mechanical systems include your heating and air conditioning systems. Heating systems should be checked for deadly cracks and leaks, and air conditioning systems should have filters changed and checked for their efficiency. These small inspections will save you money, and quite possibly your life.
  • Exterior Paint And Fascia. Wood exterior needs frequent inspection and maintenance. Small lapses can be costly. Inspect the exterior of your home for signs of wear, and stay on top of any required maintenance.
  • Safety Systems. Check your smoke detectors and replace the batteries every six months. After all, the time you need them most is not the time you want to learn they failed because of something so simple as a battery. Also, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in or near every bedroom. It could save your life if there is a gas or heater leak.