For Sale By Owner?

There are a lot of people who try to sell their homes without the help of a Realtor®. Some people don't like Realtors® walking through their home, and other people try to sell by themselves to avoid paying commissions. Whatever your current condition is, please consider the following situations. Hopefully you will be convinced that selling your property by yourself is not the right decision.

I'm sure I'll get a buyer in no time. I've had the house on the market only one week and I've already had three people come to see it.

It's great that you've had so much interest, but how many of those people have come back a second time? One of the problems with showing a house is that you get a lot of browsers who just like to see other people's homes.

I can't afford to pay a real estate commission. I need every cent I can get from the sale to put toward my new house.

I know it's important to have the biggest down payment possible. But an National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey, the 2002 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, found that, on average, people who sell their homes through a real estate professional receive a price 27 percent higher than people who sell their home themselves. So even paying commission, you'll probably come out ahead.

What do I need you for? I can put up a sign in my yard.

It's true that your sign will attract buyers, but many of them won't be able to afford your home. When we get a call from a house sign, we can prequalify buyers. In addition, we won't just put up a sign. We'll actively market your listing, through the MLS and other means, to brokers who are already working with qualified buyers.

If I list my property, it will be with my friend who's in real estate.

It's great to be loyal to your friends. But can you afford to list your property with a friend for 60 or 90 days and take the chance that it won't sell. If you're planning to buy another home, that's a big gamble. Rising Realty sells homes in your area fast. Also, we've found that when working with friends, it's hard to fire them if they don't perform.

I can do this myself.

Of course, you're smart enough to do what has to be done. But why spend all the time figuring out something you may not do more than a few times in your life. Let someone who has experience do the work for you.